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Tended was printed from a pastel done en plein air in the company of one of my favorite brothers (I have two and they're both my favorite!). I was attempting to teach Sean how to do a pastel painting. Step 1 - look through a view finder to find your composition. Step 2 - draw what you see in large masses of value. Step 3 - put in your underpainting in either monochromatic, contrastive, or analgous color choices. Step 4 - start adding your top layers starting with the darkest value and slowly making your way to the highest, or lightest value. Step 5 - add pops and dashes. Step 6 - Know when you're done. After all this loving instruction I looked over to see my brother had carefully made one large, thick swipe of dark brown pastel. I looked. We laughed. Then I said "I think it's complete." I still have the painting.