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Turtle Pond Print


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Turtle Pond was printed from a pastel painting of the first pond you come across walking the Goose Pond Trail at the Audubon in Wellfleet, MA. I call it Turtle Pond because it is where most nature lovers stop on the observation dock to see painted turtles, shoulder to shoulder, sunning themselves. If a human makes a sudden move or sound, the turtles dive back into the water one by one without making a sound or even barely a ripple in the water.

I wanted to focus on the reflections in the water in this painting because I found myself mesmerized by them. The painting has the feeling of standing there surrounded by the peace and quietude of the place. No where to go. Nothing to do but drink in the beauty.

Turtle Pond measures 8" x 10". The print is sold unframed. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing it framed.