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Bobolink is a print of a pastel painting of a bird I am incredibly grateful to know - the bobolink. As is the case for many of our feathered friends, the bobolinks numbers have dropped dramatically due to loss of habitat. But here, right around where I live, there are many acres of APR land that is covered in tall grasses and wildflowers in the late spring and summer - the perfect breeding ground for bobolinks. 

The bobolink is enormously handsome with it's distinct cream colored "hood" and it's black and white feathers. It's song is amazingly beautiful and it's distinctive style of flying makes me smile every time I see them airborne. They are one of many species that sing while in flight which I find totally mesmerizing.

This print measures 5 x 5 and comes in a white mat. Please contact me if you are interested in other sizes.