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Sheltered is a soft pastel painting of a view of our pole shed from around the bend, up the road, and from a higher elevation. I actually love this view. The shed stores many of our gardening supplies, my husband's fishing boat, and kindling for my wood stove. The most precious thing it provides is shelter for a pair of Eastern Phoebes that return every spring to build their nest from a rafter just inside.

When we first moved here, I transplanted some of my treasured garden plants including a perennial sunflower that stands about 12 feet tall and blooms all summer long. I planted some in front of the pole shed facing the sun and it thrives there. I hope to do a painting this summer of that spectacular scene from the same vantage point as Nearby.


Sheltered is an original soft pastel measuring 5.5" x 7.5", sits in a white mat, and a light colored frame.