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Plum Trees In Bloom


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I've wanted to paint our plum trees in bloom forever but was lacking the confidence to do so. One day I went out with all my plein air stuff prepared to paint a view from up and behind our neighbors house that I had sketched the day before. By the time I arrived, it was too hot and the sun was blinding off of the roof of the barn in my composition. 

I really wanted paint though so I walked around the yard until I saw the deep, cool shade of our large dairy barn. Our picnic table is stationed there and I thought, "that's where I want to be". I set up my pochade box and layed out everything else on the table and looked for a composition. There in front of me was the blooming plum trees. I had such joy painting this picture.

Plum Trees in Bloom measures 8" x 8" and comes framed.