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Living Room - SOLD

Living Room - SOLD


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The master painter John Carlson said 'paint where you are' and I would add to that 'paint what you know'. This painting titled 'Living Room' is just that - my living room. I changed the color of the walls but not the color of the couch, chair, wood floor, or curtains. The rabbit lamp was a birthday present from my husband purchased when we were spending the weekend in Belfast, ME. We went into, and I fell in love with, a shop called 'Out of Hand' that featured local artists and fair trade artists from other parts of the world. I saw that lamp and knew I had to have it. I also proceeded to buy all my Christmas presents there.

Living Room is an original pastel painting that measures 9"x12". It is sold unframed but contact me if you are interested in purchasing it framed.

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