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Appears in: Boxed Card Sets

Autumnal Box Card Set images are reprinted from original watercolor and pastel paintings. These images, like most paintings, house stories. The barn in the center and the Indian corn were done en plein air up the road from our house. I LOVE pumpkins and so, to my great fortune, does a local farmer. On my birthday a couple of years ago, which wasn't going so great, I took my plein air set-up to the field of pumpkins and the tractor worn path near the Indian corn. Pieces within me started falling into a better place as I painted one of my favorite seasons in all its glory. The Little Yellow Wagon was painted from a photograph I took of a birthday weekend a couple years before that on Orr's Island, ME. The two remaining images I took from photos my mom took because, like me, she adored autumn!

Autmnal Box Card Set has two cards of each of the five paintings with accompanying white envelopes.

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