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Moonlight is an original pastel painting and the culmination of a series of paintings and studies of that beautiful stretch of Hadley, MA on the road between the malls. I imagine if Van Gogh lived here he most certainly would have parked himself, under his umbrella, and carved away the landscape in thick applications of oil paint on canvas while capturing the essence of this bucolic place.

My first studies were notans, value and color studies in marker and watercolor, and then I moved on to painting the scene in pastel. My first two paintings were more realistic but with this one I let the moment, my desire for peace and harmony, and the pastel take the steering wheel. The painting developed in front of me and I have to say I love the image and the feeling it gives. Some days are like that in the Milk Barn Studio.

Moonlight measures 8"x 8" and is sold unframed. Please contact me if you would like to purchase this painting framed.