photo of Tracy Vernon

Originally from Madison, NJ, The Rose City, Tracy Vernon traces her connection to art and nature as far back as she can remember. She has forever been in awe of the beauty of the natural world and her paintings reflect that life-long love. In her soft pastels and watercolor paintings there is a sense of knowing her subject matter intimately. Whether it is in trees reaching upwards, light dancing across water, or birds at rest or in flight, her paintings evoke a sense of wonder.

Tracy’s creative process begins with preliminary studies painted outdoors. Later in her studio, she transforms the initial studies into larger paintings. “I learn and connect more to the spirit of a place when I’m painting in it than I do when working from an image on a screen.” Tracy applies the same method when painting birds. Whether in realistic portraits or whimsical and humorous group settings, Tracy paints the birds she sees and loves.

Tracy also creates a line of mixed media using beachcombing treasures, watercolor, and acrylic paint. The pieces are tiny dioramas depicting owls in various habitats, stone cairns, and laundry made from pieces of seashells hanging to dry. Each piece is one of a kind.

Tracy was impressed by the Pioneer Valley on her first visit nearly forty years ago. She completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Massachusetts. Twelve years ago, she and her partner, Glen, bought a house and made Montague their home. “I am surrounded by natural beauty and tranquility here which is what I strive to imbue my art with.”

Tracy has been a member of Sawmill River Arts Gallery for eleven years. Her art is available at many other venues including Herman Melville’s Arrowhead in Pittsfield, MA, Laxmi Fine Art and Clothing in Wellfleet, MA, and Swirlworks in Menlo Park, CA.