Saturday August 27 from 10:00 - 3:00

I'm very excited for my 2nd annual art sale and garden tour. I learned a lot last year and am applying that experience to this year's event. I will be raising money through a raffle for two non-profits that are working diligently to protect our oceans, rivers, bays, and beaches - Oceana and Surfrider - and that feels really great to me. I also have a totally fun treasure hunt and have chosen a gorgeous original framed pastel to give to the winner.

Also, due to arthritis in both hands, I know...such a bummer, I am selling off 75% of my jewelry line for $5 a piece. I'll be selling earrings, bracelets for women and children, necklaces for men, women, and children with all kinds of wonderful ingredients that I have collected over the past 25 years of making jewelry. I'm making space for more painting in my life and that's a very awesome thing!

And, I am launching a line of magnets. When I was a teenager I dreamt of having a line of cards. Check. Over the past several years I've dreamed of having a line of magnets. The image shown is my first design, Bird Bath Pool Party, and will be for sale along with Harbinger of Spring and Bath Time.

Hope you can make it. It promises to be as fun a time as it was last year.