Art and Marketing

Putting You and Your Art Out There

Art & Marketing; Putting You and Your Art Out There

It seems like every day I receive information on how to market my art. Whether through social media, newsletters, or blogs there appears to be no shortage of experts or opinions on the matter nor “free” webinars advertising the secrets to becoming an overnight success. One webinar got me thinking not about the instructor’s strategies for how they got 500K followers but what marketing means to me. It’s not about “selling” myself but rather “sharing” myself. This social media star told her online audience “if you’re trying to sell your art, don’t post pictures or videos of your favorite places, people, or pets. Don’t post a picture of a walk you took with a friend, a meal you enjoyed, or flowers in your garden. Just post your art.” I heard what this person was saying but I disagree. I minored in Art History in college because I LOVED learning about the artist – the whole person. Studying the details of their lives helped deepen my understanding and appreciation of their art. During my career as a professional dancer and dance educator I read countless biographies and autobiographies of my dance heroes and heroines. Each glimpse into the life of a choreographer informed my own work composing dances. I have found that learning about the artist’s work and their lives helps me get a fuller sense of who they were/are in the context of their art regardless of medium. In my own work, I want to share not only my art but what moves me to want to create. I post all kinds of things on my social media because I find inspiration in expected and unexpected places pretty much every day. I’m excited to share things that make me stop mid-stride, laugh with delight, or feel an abundance of gratitude. It is from those moments that I am drawn to my easel, design table, or to paint en plein air to capture the feeling of being inspired.

*image of four recent abstracts in acrylic exploring prismatic, muted, and chromatic colors.